Collections and rare materials

Many rare materials, including 18 special collections, are housed in our library. These resources, with a greater academic value, help advance study and research at the university and are also available to researchers inside and outside Japan in order to contribute to interdisciplinary and international research projects. Special collections - some are works and studies by historically outstanding scholars and thinkers, and others are collections named after collectors and those related to the collections - consist of many rare books and materials systematically organized by theme. Archives also include the Bibles, prayer books, and a large number of collections of valuable and rare materials that are all intended to help practice the university’s philosophy, or Christianity-based education and research. This page introduces representative collections and rare materials of our archives.

Special collections
rare books
rare books


Special collections

Thomas Hobbes Collection

John Locke Collection

Adam Smith Collection

James & John Stuart Mill Collection

The Scottish Enlightenment Collection

The Reformation and the Canon Law Collection

British Social Policy Collection

Historical Social Science Literature Collection

Niwa Memorial Collection: Modern tanka collection

Kiyoshi Sato Collection:
English literature collection

Shibata Collection:
English social thought history collection

Awano Collection:
Western ancient history collection

Akai Collection:
Western ancient law history collection

Hori Collection:
19th century English and French social thought history collection

Komiya Collection: Modern German business administration collection

Kosaka Collection:
Philosophy/Pedagogy collection

Muroi Collection:
Early Japanese Christian collection

Umeda Collection: East European nations collection


Books and materials related to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

The Canadian Studies Collection

 rare books

Biblia latina, 42 lines [1455?]

Novum Instrumentu[m] 1516

Illustrations of fishing devices of the prefecture of Hyogo

Toji Monjo

Kierkegaard:Gjentagelsen 1843

A Fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls from 11QpaleoLev, Fragment L

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