Library materials may be photocopied under the conditions specified in the copyright law. To make a photocopy, fill out the request form and drop it in the request box attached to a copier or submit it at the Counter.

Please observe the following rules when making a photocopy.

1.  The part to be duplicated is not the entire copyrighted material, but only part of the material.

2.  Theses or articles in periodicals may be entirely duplicated, but should be limited to those published at least three months ago, or whose next issue has been already published.

3.  For each item, a single copy per person is allowed.

4.  Photocopying is allowed only for the purpose of study or research.

5.  Do not reduplicate or distribute the photocopies, regardless of whether for profit or not.

Types of questions are limited to the following:
Semi-rare books and special collections.
Materials that are so deteriorated that they may be damaged by photocopying.


The copiers are available on each floor are intended for the purpose of making photocopies of books and materials housed in the Kwansei Gakuin University Library. Making photocopies of personal notebooks is not allowed.
Copiers accept either a prepaid photocopy card or cash.
Prepaid photocopy cards may be purchased at the vending machine beside the copier on the 2nd floor. (Receipts may be issued.)
Cash-type copiers are equipped to accept 1,000 yen bills.
There is no exchange service for use of copiers in our library.

3rd floor
Prepaid card-type copier: 2 units
2nd floor
Cash-type copier: 1 unit Prepaidcard-type copier: 1unit
Prepaid card vending machine
Cash-type copier: 1 unit
Prepaid card-type copier: 1unit
(Color copies available)
Photocopy room for faculty
(Cash-type copier: 1 unit; Prepaid card-type copier: 1unit)
Prepaid card-type copier: 1unit
Prepaid card-type copier: 1unit

 Copyright Law (Excerpts)

(Reproduction in libraries, etc.)

Article 31.

It shall be permissible to reproduce a work included in library materials
("library materials" in this Article means books, documents and other materials held in the collection of libraries, etc.)
within the scope of the non-profit-making activities of libraries, etc.
("libraries, etc." in this Article means libraries and other establishments, designated by Cabinet Order, having the purpose, among others, to offer library materials for the use by the public)
in the following cases:

i.  where, at the request of a user and for the purpose of his own investigation or research, he is furnished with a single copy of a part of a work already made public or of all of an individual work reproduced in a periodical already published for a considerable period of time;

ii.  where the reproduction is necessary for the purpose of preserving library materials;

iii.  where other libraries, etc. are furnished with a copy of library materials which are rarely available through normal trade channel because the materials are out of print or for other similar reasons.

Copyright(C) 2001 KWANSEI GAKUIN UNIVERSITY. All Rights Reserved.